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Our Photography Page
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Kids Were Here

Kids were here, is a project in which a fabulous group of photographers share details of evidence that kids were here. I encourage you to check out their blog to see all the wonderful captures these fabulous photographers are sharing. Although I have captured many of Lucas’ messes or little signs that Lucas was around, and they are very dear to me, I don’t usually share them on our website. Kids Were Here has given me the excuse I needed to share a few in the future. If you would like to share your pictures too, click on the button below to go to their website to read about how you can join in the fun. My husband bought this train for my little one when we went on a train excursion earlier in the day. When we got back to our hotel room, he asked for his train and that is when we realized that it was missing! We went back to the park by the river and thankfully his little train was still where he left it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Photo Challenge | Let's hear it for the boys!

This week iheartfaces photo challenge topic is "Let's hear it for the boys".  This is a picture of two of my boys, my husband and our youngest boy.  

This picture is special to me, because I love when I am able to step back and capture them playing together.  My husband works 7 days a week for 13 to 15 hours a day, which is exhausting for anyone, but my husband is over 40 so he's no spring chicken...don't tell him I said that.  However,every day he makes sure to spend time playing with his boy for a few hours.  I love my boys!!

Please click on the iheartfaces button below to check out some of the other entries. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

I heart Faces-A slice of Life

As my daughter and I drove home from a photo shoot, we saw this gentleman on the frontage road of Interstate 35. We felt compelled to photograph him. I haven't seen him again.  I've asked around but no one knows anything about him.  I think for my daughter and I it was just a reminder.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Texas Bluebonnets

Took my mom and son out to a bluebonnet field near our home.  We went with the intention to take pictures of Lucas in the bluebonnets, but he just sat and played with his trains quietly.  My mom on the other hand ran around all over the field and totally enjoyed her time with the flowers.  She picked up a bunch of picked flowers and held them up to pray and I just had to snap the picture.

This lovely frame is from The Organic Bloom .  I love their frames!

Here are a few of the pictures of Lucas.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I Heart Faces-Sun Flare

This picture doesn't show the most amazing sun flare, but when I look at it, it brightens my heart!

In this picture are my two boys! My older son had just come back home, after finishing his job training in the Army. He had a few days at home before he went to his new duty station in Korea. It has been so hard for him to leave his little brother as they are very close and they spent everyday together for Lucas' first two years.

We are all looking forward to seeing him again in 253 days!